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Simply put your inventory overhangs up for sale!

YUST NOW provides a platform through which you can offer your excess stock for sale as textile manufacturers or textile retailers.
Network with prospective customers and suppliers, and rid yourself of committed capital!

The problem

Warehouse filled. Stocks will not be sold. The space is scarce.
Inventory overhangs primarily bind your capital. They prevent further business.

Do you know how and where you can offer your excess stock in large quantities quickly and simple?

The solution

YUST NOW offers a marketplace for professional exchange of stock overhangs in the textile sector. Commercial providers are finding willing corporate prospects to buy their overstock.

There are no private providers and buyers, and we are not the right ones when it comes to remaining stock purchases and sales.

Our approach

We want to offer a platform that allows you to send stock remainder in one platform. The idea that lies behind is that you post those overhangs on our platform. Someone looking exactly for these items can contact you through our platform. If the exchange happens, capital tied up is free and you can re-invest it. Payment and settlement is arranged directly with your new partner.

We focus on quality and service. Incidentally, a part of our revenue flows in environmental projects and the protection of endangered species.


Are you in?

If you are thrilled by our idea and YUST NOW is just what you’re waiting for, we should talk immediately.
We are only at the beginning of development and want to get in direct contact with our prospective customers. To start, we also cooperate only with selected partners. This is your chance!

We appreciate your interest and your contact.


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